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Workbooks and Factsheets


These workbooks are designed for you to work through in your own time. The first workbook - Safeguarding Adult Awareness - should be completed first if you only have limited knowledge regarding adult safeguarding. Thereafter the Modules can be completed in any order.

When you have completed all of the exercises please speak to your manager and complete the assessment in order to demonstrate your knowledge of safeguarding adults. Your manager can then contact the RBSAB for your certificate to be issued.

Please note - these workbooks are not an alternative to formal training. They are meant to augment our training sessions, not replace them. Once the each workbook has been completed it is recommended that the learning is developed through our training courses.

Adult safeguarding workbooks

Children's safeguarding workbook

If you have any queries about the workbooks please contact rbsb.admin@rochdale.gov.uk 


Fabricated and Induced Illnesses - Factsheet

Coercion and Control - Factsheet

Consanguinity - Factsheet

Adultification - Factsheet

Concealed Pregnancy - Factsheet

Safeguarding process Fact sheet 1: What happens when abuse is reported – Information for adults who may be being abused or neglected

Safeguarding Process Factsheet 2: Safeguarding Adults – Information for family and friends

Safeguarding process Factsheet 3: What are the stages of the Safeguarding process?

Safeguarding process Factsheet 4: What is a Section 42 Safeguarding Enquiry?

Safeguarding Process Factsheet 5: What is a Strategy Meeting?

Safeguarding Process Factsheet 6: Safeguarding Adult Reviews – Information for families

Safeguarding process Factsheet 7: Safeguarding Adult Enquiries: Information for a person alleged to have caused harm

Safeguarding Process Factsheet 8: What happens after you report a Safeguarding Adults concern

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