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Assessment Tools, Forms, Templates & Other Resources (Childrens)

Rochdale Borough Multi Agency Referral Form

Relational Child Protection Conferences

Neglect Assessment Tools

This screening tool helps practitioners to quickly identify areas of concern which may indicate a child/young person is being neglected

Assessing Risk

    Effective Challenge and Resolving Professional Differences

    Effective partnership working is vital in order to ensure that outcomes for children and families are central to all assessment, planning and intervention. This includes the need to consider differing views and experiences which evidence the value of exchanging ideas and developing critical thinking in regards to how best to achieve improved outcomes. There will be times when disagreements occurred and require informal and possible lead to formal escalation. 

      The Rochdale's Children's Needs and Response Framework 
      applies to all children and young people from conception to the age of 18 years. It has been developed to assist practitioners and managers in assessing and identifying a child's level of need and crucially how best to respond and meet those needs as early as possible to prevent difficulties escalating into crises.

      Children's Needs and Response Framework (2021)

      The Multi Agency Referral Form has been approved by the Rochdale Borough Children and Young People’s Partnership and the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Partnership. The form should be used for referrals to the Complex Early Help and Safeguarding Hub via email ehash@rochdale.gov.uk 

      Other resources 

      Child Sexual Exploitation - 'It's Not Ok' resources: includes Project Phoenix handbook, education guidance and CSE 'measurement' tool.

      The family pack of questionnaires and scales. This document contains a number of scales and questionnaires to use when assessing families, including the Adult Wellbeing Scale, Adolescent Wellbeing Scale, Parenting Daily Hassles questionnaire, Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire, Recent Life Events questionnaire. The pack was originally linked to the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (now archived).

      Stronger Together

      Stronger Together provides free of charge toolkits for employers in relation to tackling modern slavery. Register here to access the free resources.

      Home Office: Modern slavery awareness & victim identification guidance

      Children of Offenders

      Barnardos - Guidance on Working with Children of Offenders 

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