Allegations Management (Adults)

The Allegations Management process for adult services helps employers and leaders of voluntary groups deal effectively and professionally with any allegations made against their employees or volunteers. The Allegations Management training explains the  thresholds for when the process should be used, explains your employer or group leader responsibilities and the actions that should be taken, as well as giving details of how the system works once a report is made and the involvement of other agencies such as the police. The Allegations Management training also covers the Safer Working Practices guidelines. These have been produced to help practitioners establish the safest possible working environments which safeguard individuals and reduce the risk of being falsely accused of improper or unprofessional conduct. The course is recommended for employers in adult services and leaders of groups who work with adults with care and support needs.


November 2022

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
22/11/2022 10:00-12:00 1 Day Virtual 14 Book